My Food Story

My Food Story

I am fortunate to call the Lyme, NH home. I was born and raised on a small farm with two self-employed parents; naturally, I grew up with a strong understanding of where the food I eat comes from.


Post Pond in Lyme, NH


Katahdin Sheep, we currently have a herd of 15-20

 In my case, a lot of the food I ate came from the animals on our land or the fruits and vegetables that grew in it. While seemingly idyllic, it has caused me to become complacent when it comes to my food choices. When I am away from home I often trick myself into assuming that all the food I eat and interact with comes from a similar system to home. Unfortunately, this is almost never the case. This is what brings me to Foodworks. I know what a sustainable food system may look like, but that is only one example. To fully develop my ethical framework around food, I need to be exposed to new and different food systems. While these systems have the same goal of the one I grew up familiar with, there are different approaches and styles to doing so. I want to feel confident that I can replicate the food environment that I was raised in for my kids. This does not mean I will copy it, but rather understand what it takes to build such an environment and then do so in an appropriate manner using the resources and skills that I have attained.

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